Thursday, November 18, 2010

California-Tah Mac ft. Miss Keely Music Video

2010 look

1960's look

1920's look

Tah Mac, Miss Keely, and DeNiro

Director: Tani Ikeda -


Artist: Marty James
Director: Jonathan Singer-Vine
Producer: Jamee Bosworth
Hair: Camila Marie
Makeup: Victoria Sanchez/ Theresa Marie
Models: Morgan Cruz/ Theresa Marie/ Jaleesa Williams/ Funmi Akinyode

Video coming soon...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wine & Bowties presents: A Day in the Life of Theresa Marie

If you don't already know about www.Wine& then you are seriously missing out! Go there now and bookmark it to your computer, you wont be disapointed, I promise!

This past Sunday I got together with the creator of Wine and Bowties, the talented Max Gibson, for what began as a simple idea, the concept started with following a girl for a day in her life. The farmers market, laundry mat and whatever a free sunday might bring to you.With a model like Theresa Marie, makeup from Rebeka Walters, and photo skills of Tiago Sparetto, you cant help but create somthing amazing. The pics are stunning and I am so thankful I got to be apart of the making.

Concept LA Fashion Week

October 13-20th 2010 marked this years Concept LA Fashion Week which showcased the pieces of designer Spring/Summer 2011 collections. I had the amazing opportunity to join Studio DNA hair salon in doing the hair for the shows and it was awesome!

my favorite look!

Rebeka Walters Shoot

A few weeks ago on a sunny day with nothing to do my friend Rebeka and I decided to have some fun! I did her hair, she her makeup, and together we chose 3 seperate looks. For a day we walked around her neighborhod and I photographed her every move, despite us cracking up everyother picture and having sooo much fun, we got some really beautiful shots! Here are a few, hope you like them!

p.s if you are ever bored I suggest doing a photoshoot with some buddies, IT IS SO MUCH FUN :-)