Thursday, November 18, 2010

California-Tah Mac ft. Miss Keely Music Video

2010 look

1960's look

1920's look

Tah Mac, Miss Keely, and DeNiro

Director: Tani Ikeda -


Artist: Marty James
Director: Jonathan Singer-Vine
Producer: Jamee Bosworth
Hair: Camila Marie
Makeup: Victoria Sanchez/ Theresa Marie
Models: Morgan Cruz/ Theresa Marie/ Jaleesa Williams/ Funmi Akinyode

Video coming soon...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wine & Bowties presents: A Day in the Life of Theresa Marie

If you don't already know about www.Wine& then you are seriously missing out! Go there now and bookmark it to your computer, you wont be disapointed, I promise!

This past Sunday I got together with the creator of Wine and Bowties, the talented Max Gibson, for what began as a simple idea, the concept started with following a girl for a day in her life. The farmers market, laundry mat and whatever a free sunday might bring to you.With a model like Theresa Marie, makeup from Rebeka Walters, and photo skills of Tiago Sparetto, you cant help but create somthing amazing. The pics are stunning and I am so thankful I got to be apart of the making.

Concept LA Fashion Week

October 13-20th 2010 marked this years Concept LA Fashion Week which showcased the pieces of designer Spring/Summer 2011 collections. I had the amazing opportunity to join Studio DNA hair salon in doing the hair for the shows and it was awesome!

my favorite look!

Rebeka Walters Shoot

A few weeks ago on a sunny day with nothing to do my friend Rebeka and I decided to have some fun! I did her hair, she her makeup, and together we chose 3 seperate looks. For a day we walked around her neighborhod and I photographed her every move, despite us cracking up everyother picture and having sooo much fun, we got some really beautiful shots! Here are a few, hope you like them!

p.s if you are ever bored I suggest doing a photoshoot with some buddies, IT IS SO MUCH FUN :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hi everyone! This is my first official post on my first official CAMILA MARIE HAIRDRESSING BLOG! Yay I'm really excited about this! I'm not the most computer savvy so hopefully I learn how to play with this thing and make my posts look as cool as some of the other blogs I've followed, if i fail to do that, then I can only hope that at least I'm able to show you guys some great pics for you to enjoy showcasing my hairdressing and photography. That after all this is why I'm sitting in front of my computer making this thing, for you all to enjoy it!

Just a little background on me... I LOVE TO DO HAIR. I cant emphasise that enough, although it is technically my "work" aka means of paying for my life, I love it. Not to many people can say they love their job and whether or not I die a millionaire from my trade I am proud to say I wake up and I'm happy about the path I have chosen to follow.  I think I was officially in the 9th grade when I seriously thought that becoming a hairdresser was something I really wanted to look into, ever since then I've had tunnel vision to make my dreams come true. Starting off doing hair for prom (I had nooo idea what I was doing back then) to finding the perfect Cosmetology School for me, I've dedicated the past 5 years to making this dream a reality for me. 

Currently I'm living in Los Angeles just taking jobs where I can find them. House-call blow dries for the gorgeous women of the west side, Fashion shows downtown, or Photo shoots with my friends at local Farmer market. As long as someone will allow for my creativity to come out, I'll be there! I hope you guys enjoy this because nothing means more to me then someone enjoying my art, and nothing pushes me harder than the criticisms that comes with putting myself out there! 
Thank you
<3 Camila Marie

p.s feel free to contact me if you ever want to work together or share ideas!